They say failures and setbacks lead to success. That's only true

if you know how to overcome them and position yourself as a confident power player in your career and business. It's time
for you to take your seat at the table, to be seen, heard and
respected. It's time for you to make the kind of money you
deserve. Are you ready to achieve your impossible?

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High Performance Audio Training

The pandemic really took a toll on my business and me personally. My self-esteem was at an all-time low. Eloise showed me how to get clear on my goals, how to believe in myself, how to turn setbacks into opportunities and how to create tangible results.
I am forever grateful.

— Marcus (New York, NY)

Why smart people underperform?

I get questions like these all the time:
I'm smart, why am I not successful
? why am I accumulating so many failures?
why am I not feeling fulfilled?

In an insanely overwhelming and demanding world, it seems impossible to shut out the noise and focus on what we really want to achieve. Making achieving anything brutally hard. But it doesn't have to be that way.

If you...


Are struggling to overcome the challenges that stand in your way, feeling lost and overwhelmed, not knowing how to stand up for yourself and your ideas


Feel like your life is passing you by and you're stuck in your current circumstances, secretly terrified you'll never achieve your career and business goals.


Are tired of comparing yourself to others, feeling resentful and angry that others are achieving the kind of success you want for yourself.


Are in a permanent state of decision paralysis, afraid to suffer another setback, unsure of what your next move should be, unwilling to fail again


Can't seem to achieve your financial goals, going from one "guru" strategy to the next but having little results in the bank to show for it

And you want to...

Stand up for yourself in front of anyone, under any circumstance, while still gaining the respect of others

Make the kind of money that comes from influencing and impacting the right people

Tap into your most productive, focused and driven self so you can overcome fear, gain clarity and achieve a level of fulfilment that surpasses your expectations

Attract the kind of opportunities that would propel your career and business forward in a way that seems impossible right now

Build a legacy. Your legacy. One you can be proud of.

Then this training is for you!

Finally, an action oriented training that produces results. I still can't believe the price of this training. It allowed me to pivot my career in a way I always wanted but didn't know how nor believed was possible for me.

— Stephanie (Toronto, ON).

What's in this training?

Audio 1: You vs You

Your choices produce your results. Period. how you get to those choices and how you decide which is the best one for you is where the game's at.

In this audio you'll learn:

  • The anatomy of choices
  • How to make choices based on outcome not circumstances
  • How to execute on your choices

Audio 2: The Mission

You know how to make better choices, you're backing those choices up with the right behaviours and now you need clarity on what you want to achieve. This part is not for the faint of heart so it should be right up your alley!

In this audio you'll learn:

  • What a personal mission statement is
  • Why every successful person has one and follows it!
  • How to write your own PM
Audio Training to boost productivity and success

Audio 3: Back it up

You know how to make better choices and you've gone through your action plan. Now you need to back up those choices with the habits and behaviours that will propel you forward.

In this audio you'll learn:

  • Why you can't stick to habits
  • Why your current habits no longer serve you 
  • What new habits your need to create
  • How to create habits you'll actually stick to

Audio 4 : Overcoming IS

70% of all high-achievers face imposter syndrome. That belief that you're a fraud, that you don't belong, that you're not worthy. This is a major obstacle many need to overcome in order to achieve their goals.

In this audio you'll learn:

  • What Imposter Syndrome is
  • How it can affect you
  • How to overcome it so you can create your next big win

Audio 8: The Execution

This is where we bring it all together and review each step of your action plans. This training is not about gaining more knowledge. It's about turning what you already know into results that lead to sustainable fulfilment and success.

In this audio you'll learn:

  • How to stick to your plan of action
  • How to move forward with this plan
  • What to do in case you get derailed...

Audios 5-7: The CORE

The CORE of UNWAVERING is about building the behaviours and thought patterns that allow you to overcome your setbacks, create your next big win and set you up to live a life of fulfilment and achievements.

In these audios you'll learn:

  • How to be truly productive and not just busy
  • How to build unwavering mental toughness
  • How to build the 2Ds that will set you apart from everyone else

Rebuild yourself

If You want to stay the same and blame everyone for your lack of results than this is not the training for you! Eloise is direct and authentic. She comes at you with 20 years of high level experience and shows you how you can take control of your life. This course is gold if you're ready for it!

— Eddie (Boston, MA)

Are you ready?

Start the journey to the high performing, unwavering, 2.0 version of yourself. You know which one I'm talking about....

What alumni are saying...

"My confidence has skyrocketed, which has allowed me to reach my one year financial goal within months of this course... I would absolutely recommend Eloise and her training to anyone looking to overcome fear and produce high performance results."

- Jamie (Orlando, FL)

"Totally transformed my life and business. We've doubled our business in 90 days. I no longer compare myself to my competitors, I lead the way!"

- Christopher (Austin, TX)

"If you want a life transforming training to expand your personal growth and career, then you have to get this audio training. Eloise is right there, in your ears, pushing you to perform at your highest level!"

- Amelie (Montreal, QC)

Frequently asked questions

Is This Program Right For Me?

This program will benefit anyone who wants to overcome challenges, move beyond setbacks, achieve different results in their life and are ready to do the work it requires. This audio training is an action oriented, result-driven, life changing program. It requires you to devote time each week to listen to the audio and implement the teachings. If you don't feel you can commit to your growth and your goals on a regular basis, this is not the program for you.

Do I Need To Be An Entrepreneur To Benefit From This Program?

No. Although this program sometimes refers to hardships of entrepreneurship, it's for anyone looking to perform at their highest level. Some of our past clients are executive assistants, sales' directors and partners in consulting firms. They've used this program to get promoted, increase their productivity at work, generate more clients for their firms and create a life that fulfills them. Everyone's definition of success is different. This program will help you get clear on what that definition is for you and give you the tools to get there...and stay there!

How Is This Program Different?

This program is built on 20 years of personal and professional experience, going from building multi 7-figure businesses, loosing everything and rebuilding it all back up, but better. It's the same skills my 1:1 clients use to produce mind blowing results. I can't comment on the other high performance programs out there as I haven't taken them. All I can teach is what I have first hand knowledge of either through personal and professional experience and my clients' experiences. Results don't lie.

How Much Does The Program Cost?

You pay a onetime fee of $47 USD. I know, it's ridiculous. How can something so valuable be so inexpensive. This is a choice I made. I wanted everyone, regardless of current financial circumstances, to have access to this training. The pandemic hit people hard. This is your chance to turn things around, take it!

Is There A Refund Policy?

No. Once you commit to the program you're in. You'll receive the content directly in your inbox every Sunday. It's 8 weeks. $47 USD. You can do this, I believe in you!

What If I Have Questions Or Need Support?

Once enrolled you’ll receive information from us on how best to contact us via email for questions about the audio training, the action plan and the monthly Q&A.

Are you ready?

Start the journey to the high performing, unwavering, 2.0 version of yourself. You know which one I'm talking about....

Meet Eloïse.

Eloïse Gagnon is a former international corporate lawyer and CEO of multi 8-figure businesses. She spent the first 15 years of her career working with entrepreneurs and executives from around world, developing an expertise in leadership and negotiations.
She helps her clients define their operating principles (vision, mission, purpose and values), and build high performance habits and behaviours to overcome challenges and achieve their impossible.
She's a popular speaker and guest on podcasts to discuss entrepreneurship, leadership and performance. She's also been featured in Authority Magazine, Thrive Global and Costco Connection.
Mother of 2 young boys and a golden retriever, Eloise and her husband Chris are dedicated to helping children and families victim of domestic abuse.

High Performance Coaching

I can't speak highly enough of Eloise and her training programs. She always raises the bar. I thought reaching some of the goals I had set for myself would be my greatest wins, but it's the impact her trainings have had on every aspects of my life that is truly magical. Thank you!

— Myriam, Dubai UAE .

Are you ready?

Start the journey to the high performing, unwavering, 2.0 version of yourself. You know which one I'm talking about....